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As medical students we often find ourselves delving not just into basic and clinical sciences, but also into anything that sparks a question. Being a medical student is about far more than learning diagnoses and treatments. It’s about finding the specialty and the career in which we’ll thrive for decades. It’s about helping our local community stay on its feet. It’s about learning the needs and intricacies of a massive healthcare system that serves a population whose life expectancy is now in the decline. And it’s about contemplating these fundamental questions about health and wellness, and gradually offering our own solutions.


Your student government is committed to help this process. We’re here with resources that help you learn what’s beyond the books. We want to help you explore everything there is in the vast field of medicine, and meet the people who are exploring alongside you. It’s a goal that takes many forms and much effort, but we’re here to make it happen.


All the best,


Sameer Massand

President, Student Government Association



I had the distinct fortune of being in Twyfelfontaine, Namibia on the night of my 24th birthday. There, my dinner waiter stopped to shake my hand and wish me. “May you live to be 55,” he said.


As it turns out, the life expectancy of an average Namibian male is 64. Given his socioeconomic standing and his geographic location within the large country of Namibia, my waiter would indeed be lucky to live to be 55. In the great United States of America, meanwhile, we live to be 78.8 years old. This number, for the first time since 1993 has actually declined from last year.


What do we make of all of this? Do we worry about the Namibians? Ourselves? Do we look at our counterparts and take comfort in the fact that we’re miles ahead or choose instead to panic that we are in unchartered American waters of life expectancy decline? Or are we too worried about mere numbers and not enough about the wellness and happiness in those years?



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